Hello, my name is

Dr. Morgan

I am a prenatal and postpartum chiropractor, an entrepreneur, a mama to a beautiful baby girl, a lover of all things health & wellness and a fierce advocate for making informed decisions...especially when it comes to giving birth and raising a healthy family. Through years of training and experience, I have had the honor to witness the amazing-ness of the human body as I serve women throughout the motherhood transition. I helped found and grow Connection Cafe: A Chiropractic Center in Union City, CA, where I served families for five years. I moved from California to Phoenix, AZ in 2020 where I opened Home Within Chiropractic, serving mamas and families throughout the valley.


I am a firm believer in the power of thoughts and intentions. It is so important to have peace of mind when it comes to preparing to get pregnant, pregnancy in and of itself, as well as healing and adapting after birth. I have found that this peace of mind comes easiest when a woman feels listened to, feels supported and focuses on what is in her control. When a woman knows she is doing what she can to create balance and comfort in her own body, as well as an optimal environment for her baby to grow and develop and ultimately transition earth side, she is empowered and at ease. This doesn't always mean pregnancy and birth will be a breeze, but it does provide more confidence in adapting to challenges and surrendering to a process bigger than oneself.


Whether you are looking for support during your pregnancy, just beginning to think about starting a family, ready to heal and strengthen your body after giving birth, or you just want to connect with other moms and like-minded families...you've come to the right place. I can't wait to meet you and be a part of your healthcare team for whatever stage of life you're in, and be a resource to educate and empower you and your family to feel confident in the decisions you make. After all, we can only do the best we can and make the best decisions for ourselves and our families given the information we have at hand.